born to inspire 2

Some are born to build, others, to acquire. Some are born to hear, others, to inspire.

His story isn’t over, but it is being written to inspire.

It’s my brother’s birthday, and today, Nathan is 26.

born to inspire

If you’ve never met him, you’re missing out. He’s a quick-witted, lover of people. He’s full of compliments and compassion. If you’re not smiling, you’re being engaged in conversation about your interests.

The glass is, and will remain, half full.
This isn’t your typical, younger-sister gush. It’s a lot more than that. I’ll tell you why.

Nathan had to overcome obstacles that most of us couldn’t endure in a nightmare. A car accident left his brain and body broken nearly a decade ago. If you were commuting in San Antonio in February of 2004, you remember the day. A major highway was shut down, a group of heroic nurses saved the lives that they could, and the story was all over the news. He shouldn’t have made it. A couple didn’t. But he did.

Several weeks later the primary concern was less about his survival and more about his recovery. Was he going to wake up? And if he did, what would happen next? Nobody knew and few would predict.
His steps toward progress were slow. The day his eyes opened he stared straight ahead, unresponsive. Eventually they began moving around the room. Slowly and less-than-surely he came out of it.

The prayers and support for our family were endless. It still warms my heart to remember that part.

Months went by, and Nathan had to learn the basics. You know, the things we take for granted like talking? He had to relearn at 16-years-old. Months of bed rest made his muscles weak, but he pushed on. We retired his wheel chair, and he walked.

Some are born to inspire, and today we don’t just celebrate his birthday, but his victory.

You’d suppose the fight left him weary, but his spirit is kinder. When he could be discouraged by the hardships that remain almost a decade later, there’s joy. There’s gratitude. There’s hope.

Happy Birthday big brother. Thank you for fighting to be where you are now. You are dearly loved, and your story is being written to inspire.

born to inspire 2