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Why Engagement Is Not the Happiest Time of Your Life


Oceans ebb and flow. Mountains have peaks and valleys. Time moves in and out of seasons. It’s the nature of the universe, and if you pay enough attention, it’s the nature of your life—isn’t it? Some seasons are full of…

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10 Romantic Versions of Traditional Wedding Vows


You’ve probably heard some version of traditional wedding vows at every ceremony you’ve ever attended. Even the utterance of the phrase “til death do us part” makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Now that you’re planning a wedding of your…

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10 Ideas to Lower Wedding Costs for the Bride on a Budget


When your bestie gets engaged and tells you she’s on a budget, something happens inside of you. The little wedding monster that’s laid dormant for years since your big day wakes up…with a slobbery vengeance. The creature won’t be satisfied with anything…

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Crowd-Free, Creative Honeymoon Destinations You’ll Love

Brides, Travel

When the chaos of your wedding day comes to an end, there’s nothing like starting your new life together with a refreshing vacation. Some of the most popular American honeymoon destinations include Mexico, Caribbean Cruises, and Euro-Trips, but for those of us that don’t want to fight…

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How My New Bride Transformed My Life


I have found myself having very interesting encounters with the mirror as of lately. The past few months of marriage preparation have taken me to and through some great emotional hurdles. In the process, I (Devin) began to do an immense…

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The Biggest Things I Learned from My Engagement


As the clock winds down before the wedding, I can’t help but ponder on all the wonderful things that have come of this engagement process. These last 9 months of marriage preparation have stretched me personally to a level of growth…