dreaming together

Zach and I are constantly dreaming together. Sometimes it’s over coffee, and sometimes it’s out of nowhere, but it is constant.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that dreaming together is one of the most important things that you can do for you marriage.

Now give me a second to defend such naive, newlywed boldness. I am not a marriage expert now that I’m a full seven months into it, but I do have a particularly keen grasp on my interpersonal relations. And one of the things I’ve noticed about my relationship with Zach after a session of dreaming together? We’re closer. Boom.

Intimacy is created when you dream as a couple. When you talk about your hopes for the future, you’re vulnerable, and you’re talking about some of the deepest-rooted desires that you have. You answer questions like, “What am I actually capable of? What do I want out of my life? How will I change the world?”

Sure, we occasionally ask ourselves these questions, especially when we’re challenged, but how often do you answer them in the presence of another? I know I didn’t. I was afraid of people seeing those things. What if they disagreed with my capabilities? What if they thought my passion was insignificant? What if they didn’t believe that I could change the world?

Dreaming together is one of the only practices that I’ve found that can create that type of intimacy. That’s why it’s important- because closeness in your marriage is important.

dreaming together

Our view from a Denver restaurant this past summer. It was stunning.

One day we would love to live in Colorado. It’s something that we’ve talked about since we were engaged. We are both inspired by our surroundings, and it really doesn’t get much prettier than Colorado. Not only does the scenery cater to our desire to be inspired and creative, but the active lifestyle that comes along with living in a place so beautiful is ideal.

That is only one of our dreams. I chose to share that one because most of them are for us to know and for you to watch. Not that our professional endeavors are private, but our dreams go far beyond our jobs. That’s the beauty of dreaming together. It’s endless.