husband on a business trip

My husband is a busy man. He works harder than anyone I’ve ever met, which has weight because I come from a hard working family. Zach rebounded quickly from losing his job months back, so he now has several projects up and running.

Zach’s work requires him to travel. Not often, and not for long periods of time, but every month or two he’s going somewhere. I know of wives that would travel with their husband on a business trip, which is kind of silly to me. I like marriage as a symbiotic mutualism, not a life-consuming act of entosis. Excuse the microbiology reference if you think I took it a bit far.

You’re probably asking yourself at this point what science and travelling spouses have in common? My answer is a little something I cleverly call the out of town lockdown.

When Zach’s gone and I get home from work, I don’t just lock the door. I double lock every door, set the alarm, and close all of the blinds. If I see even one blind lifted or crooked, I fix it. It would be foolish to leave a peep-hole for the robber, murderer, and/or any other bad guy that might be stalking me.

It’s not just me. Last week, my friend Meg sent me a picture of her arsenal when Colin was out of town.

husband on a business trip

Wedshock post-reading predators, you should take note of that picture. Texas women do not play around.

There are countless reasons you shouldn’t dread your husband’s absence, as sad as it may sound. Just keep in mind that it’s temporary, and let your mind be persuaded:

5 Good Practices with Your Husband on a Business Trip

Embrace the solitude. I never realize how interwoven my life is with Zach until he leaves. Yes, I miss him, but how often do I get to blast Taylor Swift and talk to myself in our apartment when he’s there? Not as often as I’d like.
Assess where you’re at as an individual. It’s easy to get caught up in where you’re at as a couple, but you should still work on yourself as an individual. Look at your personal struggles and focus on these things during this time. Your husband benefits from this too.
Reflect on your marriage. Where have you been excelling or falling behind as a couple? Marriage is hard work, and sometimes you have to take a step back and evaluate where you’re at so you can move forward.
Remember safety actually is important. Women live alone all the time, and I think it’s a wonderful thing, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard making smart choices. Don’t post how much you miss your spouse all over social media, or how lonely or scared you are. You never know who is reading. Oh, and lock your doors.
Spend one-on-one time with your friends. So often you spend time with other couples, or you have your friends over to hang out with you and your spouse, but how often do you get to spend alone time with any of your friends? Take advantage of the time your partner is gone to nurture your friendships.