my wedding is over

It hit me like a ton of bricks: My wedding is over.

You’d expect this realization to be a sad one, but I was overjoyed.

Not only was the stress of the day behind me, but my future with Zach was ahead of me. Plus my wedding went perfectly because I decided not to let the little things bother me that day- you can find my advice on how to relax on your wedding day by clicking here.

Brown is my maiden name, and I loved it. Everyone knew how to spell and pronounce it. Because my middle name had history, I decided to drop Brown and become a Curtis. I had three brothers to carry on the Brown name anyways, and I was certain they were going to be fruitful enough to keep the name alive.

One positive thing about getting a new Driver’s License? The new picture actually looks like me at twenty-three years old NOT me at eighteen with my dark brown hair and pasty skin tone. Plus I researched the best time to go to the DMV, see below.

So if you’re thinking to yourself, “My wedding is over, what’s next?” Changing your name is probably at the top of the list.

This was one of the most tedious of the post-wedding tasks because it involved various government agencies. So instead of becoming overwhelmed by all that needs to be done, do your research and take a deep breath.

Here’s my simple list- Ten Places to Change Your Names:

1. Social Security Card. The good news is that you can print the form out and mail it in with a couple of other forms. They should have it back to you within two weeks.
2. Driver’s License. Unfortunately you have to pay a visit to the DMV. To avoid long wait times, go before the 12-2pm lunch hour, from Tuesday-Thursday, and during the middle of the month.
Now that you have your new Social Security Card and Driver’s License, the rest of these will be easy. Most of them you can do over the phone or online.
3. Bank Accounts
4. Insurance and Utility Companies
5. Car Title
6. Voter Registration and Passport
7. Leases and Mortgages
8. Employer
9. Doctor and Dentist Offices
10. Alumni Associations

my wedding is over