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Marriage and Intentionality


Intentionality is typically a word reserved for self help books and motivational speakers. It means to be purposeful and deliberate in your actions with a larger goal in mind. Being intentional is a lifestyle choice that doesn’t come naturally to…

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Marriage Wisdom from a First-Year Newlywed


Although I consider my new marriage more sacred than John Mayer’s recent fling with Katy Perry, these lyrics speak to me. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer myself, or maybe it’s because I’ve got a lot of songs in my…

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Reasons Why Wives Should Love Football Season


There is more than one way to a man’s heart. Let’s start with food. Men love food. Next we’ll say football. A lot of them like that too. Football season may or may not affect your marriage, but I have seen effects…

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The First Year of Marriage: Wisdom and Warning


We heard it a thousand times in a hundred ways, “the first year of marriage will be the most difficult.” Zach and I listened to the oldlyweds in our lives and prepared our minds for a challenging first year. Oddly…