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Tips for Keeping Off the Newlywed 15


Wedding planning can be so stressful that any sense of routine or stability is knocked straight out the window, and for me, those are key ingredients for wellness. I had a DIY wedding, so it was labour intensive, and I had to…

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Marriage and Intentionality


Intentionality is typically a word reserved for self help books and motivational speakers. It means to be purposeful and deliberate in your actions with a larger goal in mind. Being intentional is a lifestyle choice that doesn’t come naturally to…

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Marriage Wisdom from a First-Year Newlywed


Although I consider my new marriage more sacred than John Mayer’s recent fling with Katy Perry, these lyrics speak to me. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer myself, or maybe it’s because I’ve got a lot of songs in my…

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Reasons Why Wives Should Love Football Season


There is more than one way to a man’s heart. Let’s start with food. Men love food. Next we’ll say football. A lot of them like that too. Football season may or may not affect your marriage, but I have seen effects…