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Healthy Recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup


I have always loved to cook. I especially love to cook when the crock-pot does most of the work. My recipe for tortilla soup is one of our newest favorites. I am one of those people that will go big or…

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Happy Hour Sushi and the Newlywed Couple

The Blog

You can spot them from a mile away. If they aren’t fawning over each other’s details, they’re at each other’s throats. The bipolarity of the newlywed couple is probably more amusing than obnoxious. Especially if you’re an oldlywed, a marriage…

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Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Recipe


If you have any experience with jalapenos in the kitchen, you know that there are certain guidelines that you follow when you’re handling them. And if you have any experience with 25-year-old men, you know that they love jalapenos. And…

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Newlywed Mistakes: Text Fighting at Work

Fighting Fair

I would do you all a great injustice if I only wrote once the storm was calm. It’s easier to be reflective when conflict is in the past, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to sink beside you when…

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My Internship and New Job

The Blog

You’ve heard me talk about my job history, and if you were paying attention, you know I’m currently working for a marketing agency. Actually, if you were paying real close attention, you knew I was an intern. All of that…

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How to Make Your Own Bridesmaid Box


I am not sure if it’s cultural or maybe it’s always been this way, but brides have an enormous amount of pressure these days. About a week after I got engaged, I realized that I had a wedding to plan,…

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Calm, cool, and... I'm going to kill you. Argue on, Newlyweds.

A lot can happen in 20 months. And by a lot, I mean that it’s enough time to enjoy many ups and downs, make a few life changing decisions, and even experience a tragedy or two. 20 months has even proven...

My Best Wedding Thank You Note Advice

Your wedding registry is like a roid-raging birthday list, except it’s more (or less) fun depending on the kind of couple you are. Some days we cared more about brands and colors, but most days we just wanted to get...