pet story

Newlyweds spend a lot of time dreaming about the future. We usually do it over coffee on our porch.

Maybe it’s just us, but I don’t think it is. There’s something about getting married that makes you want to sort out the rest of your life.

I grew up with a girl who always knew what the next five years of her life would look like. When I say she knew, I mostly mean that she assumed each of her plans would work out exactly as she anticipated, boyfriends and all. I’d say, “but you never really know what the future holds,” and she’d respond with something like, “yeah I do.” Sure you can.

The future cannot be predicted, but if you work hard and set goals for yourself, I think you can get closer. Odds are it won’t look the way that you planned, but I hear that’s usually a good thing.
Recently, we’ve been spending time with a couple that has two older kids. We adore this family. Not only because they are two of the coolest people we know, but because we want our family to look like theirs one day.

So this awesome couple asked us to house sit for them one weekend. We were excited because the house is exponentially larger than our little apartment, and they have a pool and pets (we’re animal lovers). My favorite pet story involved this animal, and although it wasn’t fun at the time, it’s hilarious to recall.

pet story

Our first night there we decided to sleep in the master bedroom. I knew the animals slept in there too, but at this point, I didn’t know what that involved.

The animals seemed confused by our presence, or maybe they weren’t tired yet.
All I know is that after I turned the lights off, they had no intention of going to sleep. The cat wanted to scratch things and the dog wanted to pace and pant. After a few minutes of this, I commanded them to go to bed. I thought it worked.

The next thing I know the cat is on top of me. Usually this would be a precious moment, but cuddle time and bedtime are separate activities. I was too tired to care.

Instead I spent the next several hours phasing in and out of sleep, with full awareness that another creature was using me as a bed.

It was morning, but the sun hadn’t risen yet.

The large windows were letting in just enough light for me to look around the room. The cat was still asleep, but the dog had decided to sit beside the bed and stare at me. Did he know I was waking up? Did he need something? I had a dozen questions for him, but it was too early to ask.

I took his gaze as an invitation to put him outside of the room, that was my first mistake. I then shut the door behind him and crawled back into bed, which would be my second. He actually howled at the door, so I opened it and went back to bed… my final mistake. He went and found his lobster toy (stuffed with a plastic water bottle) in the living room and brought it into the bedroom and began chewing on it. I got up, threw the toy out of the room, shut the door, and told him to lay back down.

Next thing I know he’s beside the bed staring at me.

Since I wasn’t going to win, I woke up, fed him and made coffee. Oh, surrender.

So there we were on their porch with an incredible view, dreaming about our future and feeling somewhat sleep deprived. The dog joined us, and I am pretty sure that’s exactly what he wanted.