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Easy Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipe


You know a dish is healthy when a vegetable is the star, and that’s why I’m providing you with my easy stuffed bell pepper recipe. Zach and I eat pretty healthy, especially during the week. And I’ve said it before, but…

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Everyday Strawberry Smoothie Recipe


Ease of preparation is important during our busy week. If it’s easy to make, I’m already halfway sold on the recipe. Mornings were especially hectic when Zach and I were working full time. Breakfast was an afterthought. Until I came up…

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Healthy Banana Nut Muffins

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One of the excuses that I hear most often (and that I tell myself all the time) about healthy eating is that it’s hard to do. Enter healthy banana nut muffins. I guess it’s harder to cook something healthy than it is…

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Healthy Recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup


I have always loved to cook. I especially love to cook when the crock-pot does most of the work. My recipe for tortilla soup is one of our newest favorites. I am one of those people that will go big or…

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Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Recipe


If you have any experience with jalapenos in the kitchen, you know that there are certain guidelines that you follow when you’re handling them. And if you have any experience with 25-year-old men, you know that they love jalapenos. And…

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Easy Bacon, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich


I’ve considered myself a night owl since high school. I scheduled my college courses to start after 11am so that I could have late nights. My first job as a nanny didn’t begin until the afternoon. But for the first…

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Summertime Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe


There’s hardly anything more exciting than your out-of-town friends coming to visit. You dream it up for weeks, start a countdown once they buy their flights, and squeal with excitement when you’re finally reunited. Our friend from New York, Dust,…