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Christmastime is Here

The Blog

You can feel it, see it, and even smell it. It’s Christmastime. It begins immediately after Thanksgiving and is commemorated with a day so appropriately named Black Friday. Retailers suggest that it begins earlier and earlier every year, but we…

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A Time for Thanksgiving Love Poems

The Blog

I realize there’s been a shortage of Thanksgiving love poems, a problem I feel personally responsible to solve. Such a delightful day to celebrate, The final Thursday of November. Close to family with a full plate, Such a joy to…

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Sitcoms and the Rogers Public Library

The Blog

I have a confession. I watch Everybody Loves Raymond… religiously. I can quote every episode. Marie’s passive-aggression, Robert’s mopey disposition, Ray’s predictable blunders, I laugh at them all. Considering the show began in 1996 – I was 5, for those…

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Sweet Obsession, A Dairy Queen Tale

The Blog

I was young when the love affair began. My strong will to be healthy falls prey to this guilty pleasure. Even after all this time, it only grows stronger. I love ice cream. I do. I love ice cream. There’s…

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A Burger King Iced Coffee Story

The Blog

It’s so simple to love. Isn’t it amazing how unpredictable people are? One day we’re having the best day of our lives, and the next day the roof is caving in. Is it because we’re more emotional than we are…

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Born to Inspire: A Birthday Post for My Brother

The Blog

Some are born to build, others, to acquire. Some are born to hear, others, to inspire. His story isn’t over, but it is being written to inspire. It’s my brother’s birthday, and today, Nathan is 26. If you’ve never met…

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Getting into the Halloween Spirit

The Blog

I love the burnt colors of fall, the spiced lattes, and of course, Halloween spirit. There’s a ton of interesting history surrounding the holiday. I recently read this account on the History Channel’s website and learned a lot. What’s not…

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TV and Taco Wednesdays: My Recipe for Baked Tacos

The Blog

I (Jaime) find inspiration, laughter, and emotional connections in stories. Song, book, or TV, I will always find a quote to match any given situation. Going through a divorce? Meet Ross, “the divorce force” (Friends). Having a girl’s night out?…

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Femininity and Being a Wife

The Blog

The term femininity has a variety of implications. I’m not talking about gender identity, feminism, or the word’s obnoxious pronunciation, but the role femininity has played in my upbringing and now my marriage. If you grew up in a southern…