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Flight Anxiety and How to Prevent It

The Blog, Travel

I was always an energetic and fidgety little girl. I’d get excited, and I couldn’t control myself. I’ll admit I could get a little out of hand. And I wasn’t afraid of anything either. So I guess you could say…

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Not Everyone Is Going to Like You

The Blog

Wedshock is dedicated to the couples everywhere that have decided to take the next step. We deal mostly with issues related to marriage, but some days, I feel like I need to address other topics. I am your classic female…

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Happy Hour Sushi and the Newlywed Couple

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You can spot them from a mile away. If they aren’t fawning over each other’s details, they’re at each other’s throats. The bipolarity of the newlywed couple is probably more amusing than obnoxious. Especially if you’re an oldlywed, a marriage…

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My Internship and New Job

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You’ve heard me talk about my job history, and if you were paying attention, you know I’m currently working for a marketing agency. Actually, if you were paying real close attention, you knew I was an intern. All of that…

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Young Love, Old Advice: Charge to Oldlyweds

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If you’ve ever lived in South Texas, you know that summertime is the harshest weather of the year. The high is almost always in the 90’s, and sometimes it’s over 100 degrees. I personally hate to sweat unless it’s in…