Your wedding registry is like a roid-raging birthday list, except it’s more (or less) fun depending on the kind of couple you are.

Some days we cared more about brands and colors, but most days we just wanted to get it over with. He carried around the registry checklist that I printed, but we found ourselves on a department store scavenger hunt.
This is a perfect example of a time that I wish I was a bit more girly. Of course I say that and you all picture me as one of those shot-put throwing, in-need-of-a-razor kind of girls- not the case.
wedding thank you note advice
I grew up with three older brothers that took care of me, but maintained the responsibility of challenging my comfort levels. I endured everything from babysitting in the dark, fear-inducing ketchup “stab wounds”, and games like “wrap her in as many blankets as possible and see how long it takes her to get out.” It really is no wonder why I am afraid of the dark and disgusted by blood, or that I have a moderate case of claustrophobia. My girly behavior was, for the most part, unacceptable in that world. When I was 5 or 6 my mother informed me girls don’t wear trunks in the pool, they wear swimsuits- that must have been a tough battle… I commend her.
The bottom line is this- I’m not great at the whole decorating, gift registry thing.

Despite the challenge the gift registry posed, we stood strong. Then we reaped the harvest of our good work. Gifts began coming almost immediately in the mail. Towels, appliances, kitchen tools of all kinds… Our apartment was full of gifts. We were so grateful. Sure we ended up with two high-end blenders and no bedding, but that is one less blender (or two) to buy for ourselves in the future.

At the end of it all, I realized the only thing more intimidating than picking out hundreds of specified wedding gifts is writing hundreds of thank you notes to your gift-givers. I asked for thank you note advice here and there, but I (regretfully) didn’t take it all seriously.

Here are the five most crucial pieces of wedding thank you note advice that I have to give.

Wedding Gift Thank You Note Advice:

Have ONE list. Keep the names of all of your gift givers and the gifts they sent you in one place. Don’t have multiple lists, and don’t move it around.

Write as you receive. Each time you receive a gift, write the thank you note that week. Spreading out the process makes it significantly easier.

Invest in stamps. Stamps of your address, your signatures, or anything else will save you time and hand cramping. Plus they are cheap to make, and you can always have them for the future.

Get personal. Don’t just say “thank your for ________, love mr. and mrs…” People sense a lack of appreciation in that, so be sure to get specific. Thank them for attending your wedding, or tell them you wish they had made it.

You have 6 months. People understand this newlywed phase is busy, but it shouldn’t take longer than six months to thank them for their contribution to your new home.