If you have any experience with jalapenos in the kitchen, you know that there are certain guidelines that you follow when you’re handling them. And if you have any experience with 25-year-old men, you know that they love jalapenos. And what’s better than a jalapeno popper? A wrapped jalapeno popper.

I’ve been a part of making jalapeno poppers twice in my life- the first time I didn’t deseed them, and the second time I did. Trust me when I say that you do NOT want to deseed jalapenos with your fingers. Wear gloves and use a knife. My fingers burned incessantly.

I soaked them in water, peanut butter, windex… really anything I could get my hands on. Nothing worked. I washed them 100 times before I got any relief. My inexperience with the pepper led to suffering.

All of that to say… Zach and I love to entertain. We love to have our friends over and cook them food and have a good time. I am a pretty good cook, and I love good food, so why not share the joy?

Mo and her boyfriend Ty were over one night to watch the Big Bang Theory when she and I decided we were going to make some experimental poppers. The result was glorious. Next time I’d like to try my cousin’s salsa recipe to give our peppers a kick.

Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Recipe

What you need:

  • (3) Pieces of Cooked Bacon
  • (8) Jalapeno Peppers
  • (1 8oz.) Block of Cream Cheese
  • (2) Packages of Crescent Dough


First cut the jalapenos in half lengthwise and deseed them. Wear gloves and use a knife to avoid burning fingers. Crunch up the bacon into bits and mix it with the cream cheese. Fill the jalapeno halves with the cream cheese mixture.Wrap each jalapeno with a crescent dough triangle. Bake the poppers as directed on the crescent package. Serve to your friends and enjoy! Makes 16 Glorious Poppers.