There’s hardly anything more exciting than your out-of-town friends coming to visit.

You dream it up for weeks, start a countdown once they buy their flights, and squeal with excitement when you’re finally reunited. Our friend from New York, Dust, was our first visitor after we were married.
This friendship is extra special because he was involved in our relationship from the beginning, and he was a good friend to both of us long before we fell in love. He was the one listening to it all: “I really like her” “He’s so cute when he…” and “Oh crap, this is getting serious, help me.”

ice cream sandwich recipe


Dust is loyal, honest, and hilarious. One of those friends that can say “you’re being an idiot,” and you still feel a strange amount of support. The kind of friend everyone needs, and he was our first post-marriage visitor.

While there’s plenty to do in San Antonio during the warmer months, the other parts of the year have less to offer. Dust visited us in April, which usually would have been plenty warm and sunny, but the seasons have been slower to change this year. We took him to our favorite restaurants, some fun shops, and a few other spots, but we spent most of our time lounging in the apartment catching up and revisiting our countless inside jokes. I’m not sure if it’s just me and my people, but our time together is frequently spent around delicious food.
Being in New York, Dust tragically has no access to Tex-Mex or Blue Bell Ice Cream.

We overwhelmed him with queso, Texas BBQ, Mint Chocolate Chip, and several other delicacies while he was here.
We decided to get creative one night, so we constructed one of the most mind-blowing dishes we’d ever eaten— homemade ice cream sandwiches. We used a cookie recipe I found online, but we didn’t stuff them with Rolos (although you could, and it would probably taste fantastic). You’re also welcome to use store bought chocolate chip cookies. I understand this isn’t a mind-blowing idea, but you’ll thank me after taking your first bite.
Find the recipe we used for the cookies from My Baking Addiction by clicking here.

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

You will Need:

Freshly baked cookies, completely cooled
A pint of your favorite Summertime Cream
After your cookies have cooled, put one scoop of your ice cream on the back side of a cookie. Sandwich another cookie on top and squeeze together. Enjoy immediately.