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Five Products Under $50 That All Newlyweds Need

House to Home

Ah, those first months of marriage. A time when your loved ones send cutesy greeting cards to wish you well. These cards include confetti surprises, lyrical poems, timeless words of wisdom, and maybe even a fun joke!  What these cruel…

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Money Tips for Newlyweds

Money and Marriage

It’s not shocking to learn that finances are among the top reasons that couples divorce. Whether you have too little of it or you disagree on how to handle it, money can be a stressful topic in a new marriage….

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Collecting Moments in the Chaos

Finding Your Rhythm

Since our first three years of our marriage have been a little bit chaotic, there’s a lesson I’ve learned that I want to share with you. New marriage alone can be volatile, but on top of that, we decided to embark on the most…

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Marriage and Intentionality


Intentionality is typically a word reserved for self help books and motivational speakers. It means to be purposeful and deliberate in your actions with a larger goal in mind. Being intentional is a lifestyle choice that doesn’t come naturally to…

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Calm, cool, and... I'm going to kill you. Argue on, Newlyweds.

A lot can happen in 20 months. And by a lot, I mean that it’s enough time to enjoy many ups and downs, make a few life changing decisions, and even experience a tragedy or two. 20 months has even proven...

How to Relax on your Wedding Day

The sun didn’t rise with a smile, and I wasn’t greeted by dozens of songbirds when I opened my eyes. Instead, I rolled over to find my best friend, Meg, passed out six inches from my face and the sky...