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About Wedshock

There's more to marriage than happily ever after.

That's why we created Wedshock, to support newlyweds in an honest and helpful way while they're experiencing the highs and lows of new marriage. The first weeks and months after your wedding day can be a difficult adjustment since you've gone from being single to having a lifelong roommate. You're not just an individual anymore, you've added another opinion to the mix…and that can be frustrating as hell. This new season can feel disorienting, and we call that feeling wedshock.

So whether you're a newlywed experiencing wedshock right now or you're a bride trying to prepare for it, we've got you.

Alycia Brown Wedshock

Hi! I'm Alycia, and I started Wedshock when I realized there was more to marriage than I'd always been told. Zach and I have been married for a little over three years, and we just moved to New York to start a new adventure. You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

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