There is more than one way to a man’s heart. Let’s start with food. Men love food. Next we’ll say football. A lot of them like that too.

Football season may or may not affect your marriage, but I have seen effects all over the spectrum. One couple I know spends their Sundays in Buffalo Wild Wings. They have their iPads out all afternoon, and he’s on his Fantasy Football app while she’s on Pinterest.

That is just one extreme, but if you have a husband who loves football as much as mine, it’s usually a part of your weekend plans. I grew up in a home full of boys and football games, so it was a natural transition for me. Instead of being the sister that loved baking during games, I am that wife.
My husband told me that while we were engaged he was hesitant to make plans around football games.

Zach hardly ever said he had to watch this game or that one, but he was always talking about how much he loved football. I didn’t put myself into the equation, and to be honest, I felt guilty when I realized it was my fault he didn’t watch any football that season.

Last weekend, Zach and I had several friends over to watch the Cowboys game. It was four hours full of delicious food, great friends, and good conversation. Three of my favorite girls were there, and we spent almost four hours talking in the kitchen. It was awesome.
Wives, there’s no reason to dread this season, and I’m going to give you a few reasons to embrace it. If your husband enjoys watching the game, support him. Nagging never changed anything, but switching your perspective can change everything.

Reasons Why Wives Should Love Football Season

It’s the beginning fall. Summer is over, and it’s time to fill your home with spices and different hues of orange. It’s cooling down outside, and the kids are back to school. What’s not to love?

The food. Game day foods are creative, easy to eat, and always tasty. These meals take on a finger food element. Not to mention the game is a always a good excuse to have a pot-luck get together.

More girl time. He’s occupied for the next four or five hours… why not take this time to be alone with your friends? Spend more time with your girls, and make it a routine. Maybe Sunday afternoon’s become your new lunch or crafting date- enjoy it!

He loves it. He doesn’t understand why you watch America’s Next Top Model or The Bachelor, but he probably doesn’t make you feel bad about watching them. Stop asking when the game is over and make him feel good about how much he enjoys this time.