be my valentine

“Be my valentine?” Yes, no, maybe so? This plea brings back countless memories of young love and heartbreak, but this year is different because I’m married, which is kind of like the ultimate goal of the holiday, right?

Do you remember the days when you would drop your valentines into bags labeled with your classmate’s names? It was my second favorite holiday because you always went home with candy, and there was potential for some romance…which I never had during those years thanks to my bowl cut and obsession with neon overalls. Impressing the boys was not on my radar.
Valentine’s Day has been observed for centuries, and its history is just shy of too complicated. Seriously, Google it and be amazed- I got tired of reading all of the different theories. The holiday can be a dream come true for the hopeless romantic and a nightmare to the brokenhearted. Of course I was a fan even when I was single because on February 15th it meant tons of sale candy.

So wherever you fall this year, don’t let the day get to you. In 1913, Hallmark created the first Valentine’s Day card, and I’m assuming things haven’t been the same since. Billions of dollars are spent in the name of love, and I am convinced the hype is created to get us to buy more red-wrapped candies and heart covered greeting cards. Surely the peanut butter cups in the Valentine’s bag aren’t worth the extra $1.50.

Back to my original point: I finally have a husband-valentine. Not a boyfriend-valentine and not a friend-valentine, a for-the-rest-of-my-life valentine. There’s something special about that.

This year I’m expecting a yes to the Be My Valentine plea.

Zach is the Valentine I’ve always wanted, and although I’m still not sure what I’ll be doing for him, I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. I’ll have to let you know.

May you enjoy many heart shaped chocolates, romantic comedies and sweet childhood memories. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends.

be my valentine