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The Mirror of Marriage

The Blog

If I had to compare marriage to any inanimate object in the world: without a second thought, it would be a mirror. A mirror’s purpose is to reflect back to you a clear image of that which stands in front…

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The Influence of American Culture on Marriage

The Blog

Going to the mall has always been a bittersweet endeavor for me, being that my attention span is that of a 2-year old child and I (Devin) have borderline OCD tendencies. In other words, I’m easily distracted by the people,…

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Make Beautiful Music Together

The Blog

Occasionally, like most individuals that I know, I come to a place in my life where I need something new and fresh to direct my attention. I will admit that I arrive at this destination much more frequently than the…

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Be My Valentine: My Husband-Valentine

The Blog

“Be my valentine?” Yes, no, maybe so? This plea brings back countless memories of young love and heartbreak, but this year is different because I’m married, which is kind of like the ultimate goal of the holiday, right? Do you…

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The Light In Their Eyes

The Blog

I can remember the morning of September 11th, 2001 like it was yesterday. I was in the 8th grade and that specific morning, I happened to be catching up on some unfinished homework in the school library when these alarming…

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Getting Engaged

The Blog

Every story is different, and every married couple has one. Getting engaged is one of the most monumental moments of your life. Some men devise elaborate, jaw-dropping plans, while others bring it up in casual conversation. Most of us fall…

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Self-Acceptance: A New Years Belvedere

The Blog

As another year comes to a content closure, I (Devin) dust off and re-visit an annual tradition of mine. That tradition is pondering all of the wisdom, lessons, and revelations I’ve acquired in the last year and designating one of…

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The Pearl Brewery Farmers Market

The Blog, Travel

There is something magical about the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market. Although I am a native San Antonion, I had never been down to this weekly event. But now, our lives have changed. Imagine this: freshly made breakfast tacos, puppies running…