pearl brewery farmers market 1

There is something magical about the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market.

pearl brewery farmers market 1

Although I am a native San Antonion, I had never been down to this weekly event. But now, our lives have changed.

Imagine this: freshly made breakfast tacos, puppies running around, mint chocolate iced coffee, a cool, sunny morning, and crepes… mind blowing crepes. Have I peaked your interest yet?

When we arrived downtown that breezy, summer morning, my hopes weren’t high. We parked on a side street somewhere near the Pearl Brewery and walked towards the noise. This was my view as we approached it.

pearl brewery farmers market 2

What did we discover? It was magical. The energy was high, and it smelled like fresh baked bread. I couldn’t help but peer into each booth curious about what they were selling.
It was the morning, so of course our first stop was the infamous coffee stand. Luckily, a breakfast taco booth caught my eye on our way. Listen, I grew up in San Antonio, I know breakfast tacos. These were the freshest tacos I’ve ever had. I am pretty sure that tortilla was made an hour earlier.

It didn’t stop there. I continued to be impressed, booth after booth. Zach and I realized we were going to need to start splitting each thing we bought so that we didn’t fill up. The coffee was organic, free-trade goodness. Z got the bold blend, and I got the mint chocolate blend… I’m pretty sure I made the better decision.

Our next stop was the crepe stand.

crepes at pearl brewery farmers market

I’m also incredibly familiar with crepes. Yes, I am 50% Canadian French, but I also grew up in a home that took pride in homemade crepes, and I’ve tried a lot of variations over the years. But my goodness, these crepes! Fluffy, Nutella goodness. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to hire a petit Frenchman to cook those for us every Saturday morning.

The Pearl Brewery Farmers Market is now one of our favorite things to do. It’s every Saturday morning, and we try to go as often as we can. I would highly recommend it to anyone in San Antonio. I don’t have time to get into the rest of the magical details, just go. And while you’re there, try the kolaches. Yeah, you’re going to need an empty stomach.

me zach pearl brewery farmers market