I am not sure if it’s cultural or maybe it’s always been this way, but brides have an enormous amount of pressure these days. About a week after I got engaged, I realized that I had a wedding to plan, a bridal party to select and engage, a registry to complete, and about six thousand other things.

To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. Let’s go ahead and just say “anxiety attack.”

will you be my bridesmaid box

There’s nothing like Pinterest to make you feel like an inadequate bride… or mother… or human being for that matter. These women are coming up with new bridal, DIY projects about every second. I don’t think anyone could possibly do all of them, so I guess the idea is to pick the projects that resonate with you.
One project I found that I loved? A will you be my bridesmaid box.

I believe the name is explanatory enough, but if you need a little more, it’s basically a little wooden box that you fill with bridesmaid goodies and paint “be my bridesmaid?” on the lid.

I had six bridesmaids, and I wanted to get them excited about the coming event. Weddings were never exciting for me, so I figured I was starting with an excitement deficit. This is a picture of what I tried to do.

Click here to visit the Wedding Chicks website. They have some GREAT ideas. I made each one a little different, but here are some of the things I included in each will you be my bridesmaid box:

1. Information about my wedding, the dress they would be wearing, the other bridesmaids, and their role surrounding my wedding day.
2. Little bottles of Grey Goose to celebrate.
3. Pieces of fabric that reflected my wedding colors to help them choose their dress.
4. Chocolate kisses and hugs.
5. The jewelry they’d be wearing that day.

It didn’t feel like a huge project at the time, but I don’t regularly take on DIY projects. I don’t understand different types of paint or hot glue guns. I don’t really care to either.

Fortunately, my bridesmaid Mer lived in New York with me at the time.

She introduced me to different craft stores, and I realized that I don’t understand these people. Why would you craft it when you can buy it? Yes, this was one of the valuable lessons I learned during this process. Oh, and props to the Pinterest crafting goddesses, this stuff is NOT as easy as it looks.

So Mer and I painted the boxes and filled them with care, and one by one I began giving them out. The girls loved them. If I had to do it all over again I’d probably do more spending than crafting, but it was a great experience. You never know what you dislike until you try it, right?