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Two-Month Giveaway: Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

The Blog

Coffee is a sacred substance in our home. We don’t just drink coffee, we coffee. Yes, I’m using coffee as a verb, and yes I’m allowed. After we brew some of that brown magic, we sit together and enjoy the…

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My Last Semester in NYC and Some Cousin Love

The Blog

There are certain seasons in your life that you blow through without a second thought, and there are seasons that you must take one day at a time. Then there are people who just stop in, and others who make…

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Porch Cats, Big Cats, No Cats

The Blog

Where can I begin? My arms-length obsession with cats began one day on my way home from Kindergarten. A stray cat that my mom had been feeding, likely behind my father’s back, had kittens. Now if you’ve never interacted with…

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Wedding Vow Ideas and Last-Minute Vow Writing


As you’ve probably realized by now, I am a writer. Most writers don’t call themselves writers because they fear the questioning that may ensue. “Like, you write books?” Maybe, well one day. I mean, kind of…No. See? It get’s complicated. When…

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Calm, cool, and... I'm going to kill you. Argue on, Newlyweds.

A lot can happen in 20 months. And by a lot, I mean that it’s enough time to enjoy many ups and downs, make a few life changing decisions, and even experience a tragedy or two. 20 months has even proven...

My Best Wedding Thank You Note Advice

Your wedding registry is like a roid-raging birthday list, except it’s more (or less) fun depending on the kind of couple you are. Some days we cared more about brands and colors, but most days we just wanted to get...